The Showroom


Visiting one of our artistically-inspired showrooms is a great way to start your project. In order to make the most effective use of your time in the showroom, it is recommended that you bring with you as much design material from your project as possible, such as photos, swatches, samples, and drawings. These materials will give us an understanding of what you are looking for and serve as the tools we will use to help guide you to the best design solution for your project.

Natural stone offers unmatched elegance, and because each piece is nature’s work of art, having an expert by your side when making your final selection is an advantage you wouldn’t want to go without. Global Granite & Marble® is pleased that we are able to offer these experienced showroom designers to assist you in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Because we are not paid any sort of commission, we give every customer the hands-on, personal attention that you deserve.

Let us help guide you through our extensive collection of natural and engineered stone. No matter what you need, you can find the right product here, whether it’s a durable granite for your new outdoor kitchen countertop or a delicate onyx to highlight an amazing piece of sculpture, you can be sure our showroom will offer an array of options beyond your wildest imagination.

Designing with natural stone is a fun and exciting experience, and helping you bring your custom project to fruition is what our designers live to do. (Just ask some of us!)  You are welcome to stop by anytime we are open. Check each individual location for showroom hours or, if you need additional design help, feel free to call to make an appointment.

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