The Slab Selection Process


At Global Granite & Marble®, we are happy to provide you with the unique opportunity to approve of the exact slabs of natural stone that will be used in your project. Each block of material is cut from a slightly different part of its quarry, meaning that no two shipments of the same stone will ever be identical. This variation creates a one-of-a-kind, natural look for your project, but understandably can make it harder to envision the end result. We try our best to provide representative samples, but variation will always occur in natural stone. That’s why at Global®, you are always invited to see, in-person, what you are getting.

The slab selection process starts with choosing your fabricator, the specialized subcontractor who will be measuring, cutting, and installing the finished product. The fabricator will be able to provide you with pricing, as well as information on the timeline and specific quantities required for your project.

At Global Granite & Marble®, your safety is our number one concern. With this in mind, we ask that children not accompany you into the warehouse during the selection process. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

During your selection appointment, one of our experienced staff members will accompany you to view slabs and assist you in selecting the highest quality material for your project. It is recommended that you bring with you any available design elements from your project, such as cabinet samples or color swatches, so that you can choose a complementing stone. Once you have approved your specific slabs, we will tag them for you and notify your fabricator of your selection.

For your convenience, please schedule an appointment to select materials at least 24 hours in advance. Also, in order to make the appointment run smoothly, please provide us ahead of time with the following information: name of material, quantity of slabs required, thickness of material, name of the fabricator, and your name and phone number.

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