Agata Suede Slab

Charcoal grey background with striking white and grey veins and chestnut red speckles throughout. This has a textured matte finish.

Available Sizes:

  •  Slab

Available Thickness:

  •  3cm 

Areas of Application:


  • Interior 
  • Exterior 
  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Floors  
  • Countertops 
  • Walls

Please contact Global Granite & Marble to speak to a sales representative about your project, and allow us to help answer any questions you may have.

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Agata Close-Up

Agata Suede Slab

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Agata Suede Slab

Due to the fact that all natural stone materials are products of nature, variations in characteristics such as color, shade and veining are to be expected, and photos provided are meant as an example only. Please call us to set up an appointment to view slabs.

All slabs vary in size. Feel free to contact us for approximate slab sizes.

Sealing natural stone is a benefit to both the installation and daily maintenance process; ask your Global Granite & Marble representative about sealing stone.