Tips and Trends

Thoughts on Design

If you look around you, even right where you are, you will notice that your eye is drawn first to the area with the highest contrast of color. You can use that natural inclination to your advantage in order to highlight or hide elements in your design intentionally. A striking Black Pearl countertop on natural maple cabinets will draw attention to both the granite and the detail of the cabinets. Using a subtle pallet layering similar tones with less contrast can make a space more tranquil and can even visually expand a smaller space.

When selecting a color pallet consider strong colors for a drama and earth tones for balance. Blending neutral tones for a softer feel you can create a calm environment--think of a spa like bathroom with calm Toreon travertine vanity, shower and floor. You don’t need to be afraid of color, it enlivens every day of our life. A powder room can be an amazing jewel box bursting with blues and gold tucked inside.

The finish of the materials selected can affect the finished space more than you might realize. Polished surfaces reflect light and grab attention, and are associated with elegance, formality and cleanliness. Suede finished granites have a more casual texture and mix nicely with polished materials.

The size of the space you are designing can have a huge effect on the choices you make. As each material’s pattern varies in size and movement, the scale of the pattern in material selected should be compatible with the size of the space. For example the small repetitive pattern of Golden Sunset would look great on your vanity, but would not make for a very interesting hotel lobby.

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