Tips and Trends

Spaces to Consider

Natural Stone can be expanded beyond the most common uses of countertops and flooring in residential and commercial designs. Designers now request stone for vertical cladding (both exterior and interior), fireplace surrounds, stair treads and more. Installing smaller polished mosaics with a larger format tile can help define spaces, and create personal touches to a design. Stone adds richness to interior spaces where rough stone walls can contrast with smooth plaster to add greater visual interest in a project. The incorporation of stone in a design adds a sense of warmth and color found in neutral earth tones that will stand the test of time.

Traditionally thought of as a material to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, natural stone has found its way out of this niche and is now being incorporated all over the house. Imagine gathering around a fireplace clad in stately dark marble instead of drywall. Transform a home bar from just another countertop into the envy of every man in the neighborhood with the use of exotic and empowering granite such as Azul Aran. For a dining table, consider an impressive slab of quartzite as the base to create an amazing “tablescape”. Or combine rich woods and serene marble for master bedroom or living room furniture tops. What better way to keep the flow of a design from one level to another than incorporating
the same stone as stair treads?

As our lifestyles change, we have expanded the living areas of our homes to incorporate the exterior spaces, bringing the indoor and outdoor spaces closer together. Using natural stone as an element in your landscape will bring the earth’s natural beauty to you. Stone contributes to elegant pool designs with travertine pavers, and pool copings create a luxurious environment for relaxing. High-end outdoor kitchens are ideal for the cook who loves to entertain. These outdoor kitchens combine state of the art appliances, barbeque grills, and classic durable stonework. Granite allows the perfect countertop to withstand the elements and enhances these beautiful areas. Try a suede finish for a more subtle look, or a polished top that will sparkle in the summer sun like Emerald Pearl.

Changes in production technology has made it possible to combine stone with other materials such as glass, metal, or glazed ceramic to create looks that have never been seen before. These combinations allow you to capture designs once only possible in your imagination, bringing out the best qualities of each element. Adding sparkling glass mosaics, or the luster of rich metals, to a quiet stone backsplash can be an expression of your individual taste. Nothing customizes a entry or bathroom like the inclusion of a medallion to draw the eye. Use the play of light reflected off of these works of art to create depth and visual interest. We combine the widest selection of available materials with the most knowledgeable and helpful staff. Nobody is better equipped to tackle the most intricate and customized projects than Global Granite & Marble®.